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I think I check this place out every once in a blue moon, so I guess we must have one tonight....

If there's anyone out there who still posts here and I don't have you on my Facebook come look me up sometime :)


blowing through like tumbleweed

I feel like writing.. Again I find myself being drawn back here :) I miss this. Lately I feel as though my life has consisted of nothing more than study and work and revisiting this place reminds me I once had some fun and a life lol.

I should currently be working on an essay.. still only 3 more to go (inc this one) and that's it my degree will be done and dusted :) Maybe then I can start to have some fun again. Would love to do a photoshoot again, even if its just for fun eh. Maybe will have to set something up :)

Ok this was a quick bizarre ramble, perhaps I will get back in the habit again properly.. one day

Pretty new trinkets

Brand new steampunk and dolly kei inspired ranges :)



Eclectic handmade jewellery

Items can be purchased direct from Decadent Candy or via Etsy

Beautiful handmade and exclusive jewellery

(bow socks now added to the misc section)

From now on


If you want to be added then comment here and tell me why you want to read my crap anyway.... :-P